WooCommerce Bulk Table Editor 2.2.21


WooCommerce Bulk Table Editor can bulk set prices, change stock, adjust decimal values, and set fixed values for products. This extension is focused on setting up sales, editing prices, modifying stock, easy bulk updates, generating SKUs, product tagging, and more.

Bulk Table Editor for WooCommerce Features

  • Supports subscriptions and variations.
  • Calculates stock value per product based on total stock value.
  • Category selector.
  • Magnifier on product images
  • Easy to understand progress bar when saving new products.
  • Bulk delete products.
  • Active sales filter.
  • Table editor for single product values, including name.
  • Supports multi-site network setup.
  • Users roles types: Shop manager and administrator.
  • SKU generation and other functions to create unique SKUs on products and variations. Option to have SKU on Editor home.
  • Bulk clear sales.
  • Supports unique products and variations.
  • Bulk round prices upwards, downwards and to logical decimals like 19.70.
  • Bulk update featured products, SKU, tags, backorders, stock status, weight, length, width, and height.
  • Easy 3rd party integrations.
  • Bulk set fixed price and sales price.
  • Bulk updates stock, price, sale price, sale start date, and sale end date.
  • Column that shows sales by percent.

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